Paint and Take Night Spooktacular Event & Competition
Painting Event

Just last year WizKids and Vallejo launched their first Paint Night Events to a limited number of local game stores and received very positive responses from both stores and participants! Since that time, we’ve collected some amazing feedback and suggestions from our retail partners and customers and have worked to improve on the experience and are thrilled to announce our new and improved Paint Nights Events!

Now, by popular demand, Paint Night Events feature an all-inclusive “Paint Night Kit!” These kits include a miniature, premium Vallejo paints, a set of brushes, water pot and blister pack that doubles as a pallet — everything you need to complete the painting experience.

That’s not all! We are also opening up the program to all US distribution partners and their retail customers. This means that all stores that currently purchase WizKids products in the US will also have an opportunity to participate in this program (while supplies last and first come, first served).

While this first event is US only, we greatly value our loyal international fans and will be launching an international Paint Night Event beginning in 2021! Stay tuned for more news on that soon!

We hope to create an exciting, interactive, and easy way for painters and retailers to get their hands on a complete miniature painting experience!

Event will start "Now" till 10 pm 10/22/2020

Remember due to Pandemic events you can take your kit home and when finished, you can submit your Paint Job to the Store front or on the Store front page: Emerald Dragon Games Painting Club

Requirements For The Event

  1. 12 Participants needed/ 8 Minimum
  2. You must use "Only What Is Provided In The Kit" Nothing else
  3. Present your Kit to the Store Before the Due Date of 10/22/2020 10 p.m.
  4. 12 Vallejo Paints, 1 Miniatures, 2 Brushes, a water pot and Plastic blister pallet provided

1st Prize: $20 Voucher from Emerald Dragon Games

2nd Prize: $5 Miniature From the Wall of Minis

3rd Prize: Fellowship Prize provided by Emerald Dragon Games

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