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“This is Eugene, Mr. Vanderbilt’s butler. I did not know who else to call. the police think I am crazy. Unnatural things have started happening here. I am worried for my master. I think he is in danger. Please help.”

We passed several cars and carriages upon our arrival. Though the butler didn’t mention an event, Mr. Vanderbilt is no stranger to hosting guests, so I was unsurprised to see this. What struck me as odd was the eerie quiet blanketing the grounds. 

As the car eased to a halt, we cautiously exited the vehicle—Rita, Agatha, and myself. Despite the uncanny stillness of the place, nothing seemed out of the ordinary. Not from the outside at least. We approached the door, Agatha leading the way. She knocked gingerly, as Rita nervously shifted her weight. We waited a number of seconds, though the door did not move. Agatha moved to rap on the door again, but Rita leaned across her to try the handle. The door opened. 

Rita pushed her way into the mansion, Agatha reluctantly following behind. I looked around, noticing a 2x4 leaning against the wall. Thinking it could come in handy should we encounter something unfortunate, I picked up the piece of lumber, heaved a sigh, and entered after them. 

Find Out what Happens when you Join Your Friends or Your Demise in the 6 episodes of

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