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Magic: The Gathering
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Friday 3pm January 29th 2021

Wizards has created the ability to Take-Home Your Prerelease Packs, Plus 2 Kaldheim Packs, Limited Supply:

For Kaldheim, Wizards has lifted restrictions to allow WPN stores to sell Prerelease Kits and Commander Decks for customers to take home, without participating in an in-store event.

If players do choose to take home a Prerelease Pack without participating in the main event, organizers may enroll those players in an "At-Home Prerelease" in Wizards Event Reporter so that their attendance will count toward future allocations. Limit One Per Customer "Per Event"

"Players must have a WPN DCI #, Arena Name, or an ID with their Name to take the Pre-Release Box Home"

Pre-Release info here From Wizards: https://wpn.wizards.com/en

2 extra KALDHEIM Packs with each Purchase, Limited Supply:

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