Friday Night Magic - Historic
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Friday Night Magic Social Night

MTG Arena Event - Historic

Don't let social distancing and Quarantine get you down. Spend your Friday evenings with Emerald Dragon Game's and our wonderful online community. Play Magic, Socialize and make new friends.

Wizard's launched an Arena Friday Night Magic event that involves our Store Emerald Dragon Games.

"Here's how it works."

Over the next three Fridays, players will have the opportunity play an FNM event on MTG Arena. Those players can take a screenshot of their event page and share it with us. We will provide us the corresponding week's code.

Each week's code provides players with one card-back style.

50 Codes Available this week

How to install and play Magic The Gathering: Arena?

  1. Download installer and install the game.
  2. Run the game and set up your account.
  3. Go through New Player Experience. If you want to skip it, press ESC and SKIP.
  4. Follow recommendations of blue flying orb.
  5. Don't forget to get MTGA Pro Tracker in order to maintain real-time collection and matches tracking.

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