Saturday Modern Emerald Dragon Games
Magic: The Gathering

$5 buy in

Modern Format

2pk per person prize support.

Promotion Packs: Top 6

2pk per person prize support.

Promotion Packs: Top 6


If you are new to Magic information for your DCI number can be found here: 1. Go to 2. Click on the Create Account button. 3. Enter your country/region, date of birth, and a valid email address. 4. Create a Unique Login ID: • Cannot contain special symbols, underscore, or spaces. 5. Create a Password that is: • At least 7 characters; • At least 1 uppercase and 1 lowercase letter ; • At least 1 numeral and 1 symbol (!, $, *, etc.); and • Different from your other identifiers (cannot use DCI number, email address, etc.) 6. Within a few minutes, you will receive an account verification email containing an activation link. 7. Click on the activation link. 8. Login with your Login ID and Password. 9. Provide your new DCI number to the tournament organizer to register for the event. *If you were given a temporary DCI number at an earlier event: Go to, click “Activate DCI Number,” and follow Steps 3 to 9

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