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Dungeon Master Option: High-Level Campaigns Hard Back Used
Condition: Used-Fair Here is a trove of advice and new rules for every AD&D game Dungeon Master who wishes to create adventures for truly legendary heroes. Find everything you need to create encounters that confound the craftiest wizard and chill the most valiant warrior's heart.
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Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Rulebook: Player's Option: Combat & Tactics
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Used Condition: Fair All the optional combat rules any gamer could want--in one volume! This first set of detailed rulebooks for AD&D game play includes alternatives requested by players, supplemental rules with global impact for the game, an advanced and improved tactical combat system, tables for critical hits and their effects, extensive information on armor and weapons, and more. Illustrations.
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CASTLES & CRUSADES THE DREAD CRYPT OF SRIHOZ ADVENTURE CHARACTER LEVELS 9-11   By Goodman Games and Jeremy Simmons   The Dread Crypt of Srihoz was first released as a d20 module in the Dungeon Crawl Classics line. Now this classic adventure is available in an officially licensed Castles & Crusades edition! Specially authorized by Troll Lord Games, The Dread Crypt of Srihoz is a classic fantasy adventure perfect for a C&C campaign. For leagues uncounted, a path has followed the tortured contours of a cliff which hangs over the storm-battered shore of the icy northern seas. The eternally damp rock is covered in places by a sickly film of grey mosses and lichens, which is the sum total of all the life forms able to scratch out an existence in this gods-forsaken hell. For atop the cliff stands the entrance to the dread crypt of Srihoz, a vampire of...
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Fistful o' Zombies (All Flesh Must be Eaten)
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Fistful o' Zombies (All Flesh Must be Eaten)  It's high noon at the Zombie Corral! The third supplement to All Flesh Must Be Eaten visits the Wild West. This tome is written by the Origins award-winning Shane Lacy Hensley of the Deadlands: The Weird West roleplaying game. This book will present all new western Deadworld settings, new archetypes, weapons and zombies. As well as conversion notes for the Deadlands RPG.
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Enter the Zombie
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There was a dull impact in the center of his back. Mr. Nagaki looked down to see the tip of an arrow protruding from his chest. He spun -- his claw fingers at the ready -- to see figures emerging from the snow, charging towards him. One of them was notching another arrow in his compound bow.   They'd buried themselves and waited for him. There were five of them in total, one had the bow and arrow, the others all had swords. Magic and explosions had failed Wu-Han, it looked as though he was now going to try dismemberment. Another arrow caught him in the throat, lodging itself halfway in his neck.   IT WAS A GOOD DAY TO BE UNDEAD . . .   Enter the Zombie is a supplement for the All Flesh Must Be Eaten RPG. In it, you will find: Extended rules for martial arts...
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Zombie Smackdown: An All Flesh Must Be Eaten Rpg Supplement
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Zombie Smackdown is a supplement for the All Flesh Must Be Eaten RPG. Features: Expanded rules for high-flying, bone-crunching wrestling action, including how to use Heat to pull off dramatic turn of events; Zombie Cast Member creation for wrestling mayhem; New Character Types and zombie aspects to drop kick any face or heel; backgrounds on four different styles of wrestling and the weapons you can but aren't supposed to use in the ring; details on combining different wrestling styles; Deadworlds featuring different wrestling styles and special Archetypes for each; and more! Get it Today at Emerald Dragon Games