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Skeleton Warriors
Clad in corroded armour, their lifeless hands gripping swords, spears and shields these undead warriors take up their blades when the clarion call of battle sounds, ready once more to fight for their king.This multi-part plastic boxed set contains the parts needed to assemble 10 Skeleton Warriors wielding ancient blades or ancient spears, and includes the necessary parts to assemble 3 models as a champion, standard bearer and hornblower respectively. Supplied with 10 Citadel 25mm Round bases.
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Mek Gunz: Smasha Gun
One of four deadly Mek Gunz, this clanky field gun has enough dakka to crush even the toughest of targets. Crewed by long-suffering grots the Mek Gunz have heralded the end for many a hapless foe. Based on lifta-droppa technology, this weapon traps it’s target in a localised force field. It then hoists them aloft and, with horrible finality, crushes them like a massive invisible fist. Of course, the biggest hazard for those facing the Mek Gunz is that, until they start firing, no-one is really sure what they will do. This multi-part plastic kit makes one of four possible Mek Gunz and has a six-strong grot crew. It can be assembled as a bubblechukka, a smasha gun, a traktor kannon or a kustom mega-kannon. 
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Warhammer 40k Tyranids Codex
The Tyranids are unlike any other race to be encountered by Humanity. They are the ultimate predators; to them all living things, from the lowliest insect to the most advanced civilisation, are mere prey. Only now are the inhabitants of the galaxy realising the scale of the threat – unless the Tyranids can be stopped, it will mean nothing less than the extinction of all.Codex: Tyranids contains a wealth of background and rules – the definitive book for Tyranids collectors. Within this 128-page hardback, you’ll find:Background- The Destroyer of Worlds: the origins of the Tyranids, from the first recorded appearance of their Hive Fleets to their seemingly-unstoppable advance throughout the galaxy, along with details of the manner in which their Hive Minds operate;- Invasion Swarms: a step-by-step guide to a Tyranid invasion, from the vanguard organisms who seed initial terror through to the swarms of feeder organisms that ultimately strip...
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Warcry Carry Case Pre-Order
Guard your warbands from the ravages of the Eightpoints (or your backpack) with this specially designed Warcry carry case! Made of flexible, highly protective rigid foam, this case has plenty of room for even the largest warbands (and their bestial allies), while still being compact enough to easily store in a bag. With two different widths of custom channel foam, you’ll be able to securely stow both human-scale and larger miniatures in safety. Available: 08-03-2019
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The Horus Heresy: Deck of Cards Limited
Deal your way to victory with a set of deluxe playing cards themed around the Horus Heresy. Whether you're playing Patience as you wait for the next book in the Siege of Terra series, betting your soul against the powers of the warp in a game of poker (though you really shouldn't bet your soul – stick to chips) or trying out some of the mini-games from past issues of White Dwarf that use playing cards, this set is the perfect way to enjoy a casual game and immerse yourself in your favourite series. Each card features the cover of one of the 54 Horus Heresy books, meaning that with every one you turn over, you can relive old adventures – or perhaps even discover an entry in the series that you missed.This set of 54 playing cards includes everything you'd expect – the four traditional suits, each with an...
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Ork Warboss with Big Choppa
As the leader of the Warband the Warboss gets first pick of any wargear and the best fighters to make up his bodyguard. This tends to make an Ork Warboss even more deadly than he already is. This set contains 1 metal Ork Warboss with Big Choppa.
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Deff Rolla Battlewagon
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Battlewagons are perfect for smashing through enemy formations, with their killkannon booming the hulking spiked deff rollas grind all opposition into the ground. This set contains 1 multi-part plastic Battlewagon and the plastic Battlewagon upgrade frame, which includes a killkannon, a lobba, a deff rolla and a Grot Rigger.
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Black Library Siege of Terra Coaster Set
There's nothing better than settling down with a good book and your drink of choice… and what could be more appropriate for reading the forthcoming Siege of Terra series, or any other Black Library book, than a set of four vinyl coasters emblazoned with imagery from the new series? Themed around the Siege of Terra, these coasters include imagery from two Space Marine Legions – the indomitable Imperial Fists and the vengeful Iron Warriors – plus the Imperial Aquila and an icon of the Solar War, the first stage of the siege. They're the perfect resting place for your drink, whether it's a hot cup of Terran tea, or a tankard of Fenrisian mjod.This set of four vinyl coasters includes the following four designs:– Solar War symbol– Imperial Aquila– Imperial Fists Legion– Iron Warriors Legion
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Citadel Skirmish Figure Case
The Citadel Figure Cases are the perfect way to transport and protect your Citadel miniatures. Containing one set of our revolutionary channel foam, the Citadel Skirmish Figure Case has been specially designed to fit almost any model that we make, any shape and size, quickly and easily without the chore of cutting and shaping to fit.Packing and unpacking the case is absurdly quick and easy; any model, however pointy, placed anywhere within the channels will be protected as well as if you’d spent countless hours hacking away at a custom fit. You’ll free up more time to concentrate on games, painting or just showing off your miniatures collection. The channel foam is as efficient a use of space as possible, allowing you to store more models more safely than any other case. Have a look at the images or check out the video in the tab to the right to...
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The Gouged Eye
We are Orcs and dat’s no lieWe’ll make yoo screem an’ make yoo cry…Once a laughing stock, the Gouged Eye has employed filthy tactics, brute force and lots of punching to rise through the ranks to become big players in the upper echelons of Blood Bowl. They’ve won the title before, and they can do it again – a far cry from the early days of the team, when it was a miracle if their throwers were facing the right way.We’ll pull yore hair and pinch yore thigh…This box contains 12 ‘orrible plastic Orc Blood Bowl players – 2 blitzers, 2 throwers, 2 Black Orc blockers and 6 linemen. Supplied with extra balls, team counters, a decal sheet covered in Orc symbols and 12 32mm Blood Bowl round bases, featuring holes to slot the ball into when your miniature has possession.And if dat don’t work, we’ll gouge your eye!
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The Doom Lords
The exact identity of the owner of the Doom Lords is unknown – he is referred to commonly as ‘The Overfiend’. When establishing his team, the Overfiend cut no corners. He hired the best coach money could buy and equipped him with the best assistants, entered into numerous dark pacts with various daemonic entities and searched long and hard for the best players who could be coerced into joining him. Those who refused soon learned that the Overfiend has a very literal interpretation of the term ‘headhunting’... This multi-part plastic kit contains the components needed to assemble The Doom Lords, a Chaos Chosen Blood Bowl team. The team consists of 4 Chaos Blockers and 8 Beastmen – each Beastman’s head is interchangeable, meaning your team can represent a unique fielding of horned aberrations! The Blockers’ heads are interchangeable amongst themselves, too. There are a host of extras in the kit – 2...
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Battletome: Sylvaneth (Softback)
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The spirit­song rises, and the sylvaneth march to war!The air sings with glorious life magic as the children of Alarielle surge into battle. The reborn goddess of war leads from the front as glorious Wyldwoods burst forth from the heaving ground, called into being by ancient spirits. Determined to protect the Realm of Life, mighty Wargroves advance, crushing enemies with the inexorable strength of nature. Outcasts and Free Spirits strike suddenly and without warning, slaughtering the foe mercilessly to cleanse the tainted land. The sylvaneth’s rebirth will be remembered as a harbinger of absolute vengeance.This 144 ­page softback Battletome contains: ­Exclusive gaming content:- Rites of Battle: potent abilities that can be conferred on armies with the Sylvaneth allegiance, and Command Traits that can be used by their generals; ­- Spell Lores: powerful magic, both defensive and offensive, specifically for sylvaneth wizards;- Artefacts of the Glades: relics of war, usable by sylvaneth heroes;- 3 Battleplans, helping you to...