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Earth X Dice and Token Pre-Order
The Marvel HeroClix: Earth X Dice and Token Pack contains 2 custom dice featuring a special icon to celebrate the release of the Marvel HeroClix: Earth X Booster Brick! The 6 action tokens and dice icon are themed around Earth X! These tokens also feature special “Iron Avengers” bystanders on the back that can be generated with the Iron Man figure found in Earth X boosters, and the Stark Tower Location Map found in the Earth X Starter Set! The Marvel HeroClix: Earth X Dice and Token Pack is a great way to enhance your HeroClix experience! Available on February 6 2019!
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Zpocalypse 2 Dice Pack includes 8 red attack dice, 4 blue click dice and a dice bag - enough for a full squad armed to the teeth! Release Date: 2019 Order Due Date: TBA  
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Bunny Stasis Pre-Buy
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2019 is here and we are kicking it off with Bunny Stasis a fun filled game where 2-6 people try to be the last bunny standing! Surviving the stresses and planning is part of the strategy but being the last bunny standing is the goal of the game. Each turn players draw cards and discard cards in order to increase their chances of not going into stasis. Be careful though, because if you make one of the other bunnies upset then there could be a group of bunnies after you! Release Date: March 22nd
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The Cards from the Smoke are a deck of cards beautifully illustrated with the imagery from Cthulhu Britannica, which you can use to several different ends in your Call of Cthulhu games, from handling chases in a visual, exciting way, to an alternative way to run an investigation. The simplest way to use The Cards from the Smoke is as a source of inspiration for writing a scenario - especially when you need to come up with one on the fly. Each of the cards is beautifully illustrated, complete with an evocative quote, so just rifling through the deck is bound to get the ideas flowing. Or you can shuffle the deck together and draw a handful of cards and think up a scenario based on what you draw, letting the card text and art inspire you. And, for good measure, many of the cards point you at pages in...
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Star Wars: Legion - 1.4 FD Laser Cannon Team
Fantasy Flight Games Star Wars: Legion - 1.4 FD Laser Cannon Team
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Star Wars: Legion - Snow Troopers Unit Expansion
Star Wars: Legion - Snow Troopers Unit Expansion
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Star Wars: Legion - Wookie Warriors Unit Expansion Pre-Order
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Despite their imposing size, Wookiees are normally peaceful and proud. After years of suffering under Imperial rule, however, many Wookiees have taken to the battlefields of the Galactic Civil War as members of the Rebel Alliance. Although they are a rare sight on the battlefield, Wookiees can quickly enter a berserker rage that any surviving enemies will not soon forget. Within the Wookiee Warriors Unit Expansion, Rebel generals will find everything they need to add a group of Wookiees to their army as a special forces unit. The expansion features four unpainted, easily assembled Wookiee miniatures charging into the fray, brandishing their Ryyk Blades. Youll also find five unique upgrade cards that prepare the Wookiee Warriors for whatever they may face on the battlefield. Pr-order Due Date: 12/15/2018 Release Date: 12/20/2018
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Earth X Starter Set Pre-Order
Celebrate the release of the Marvel HeroClix: Earth X Booster Brick or jump into HeroClix your first time with this all-new HeroClix Starter Set! The Earth X Starter Set includes 3 terrifying villains and 3 iconic heroes from the world of Earth X. Whether you want to manipulate your opponents with the likes of Spiders-Man or teach your allies the ways of Great Responsibility, this Starter Set has something for you. For the first time in Marvel HeroClix, you’ll get to take advantage of location maps! The Earth X Wakanda location map and the Stark Tower location map featuring the Iron Avengers will be sure to add awesome powers and effects to your teams! Along with these six awesome figures, this Starter Set includes everything a player needs to learn and start playing HeroClix today! From the figures to a Heroclix Rulebook, a double-sided Map, a Powers and Abilities Card (PAC), Object tokens, terrain tokens, dice, and character cards....
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BOO! Out-ghost your friends! Go invisible to fool your foes or stay visible for awesome powers. Pesky Ghost Hunters are sneaking through the haunted hallways of your mysterious mansion. Show the other spooks that you're the most fearsome frightener, and scare them out! On your turn: Play Scare cards invisibly to hide your plans, or visibly to trigger awesome room powers; or yell BOO and try to send a Ghost Hunter packing! Once one player scares out their fourth Ghost Hunter, the game ends. The highest score wins the game. Release Date: 2019 Order Due Date: TBA
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From Board Game Geek: Ignacy Trzewiczek introduces a new story about invading a castle - this time brave defenders have to stand against forces of the Undead. Glory no longer matters - now both opponents fight for time. The Necromancer has 8 rounds to defeat men or his army will vanish in sunlight. From the 5th round his power starts to melt away, and he must pay to keep his forces in the battle. Defenders die on the walls. Necromancer's power wanes. Who - at dawn - will be able to stay standing and who will perish? This expansion introduces a new set of buildings in the stronghold, a new set of Invader cards, new rules (Fear level, Leader board) and many more extras. Release Date: 2019 Order Due Date: TBA  
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Vanguard - The Answer of Truth Extra Booster Box Pre-Order
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Release Date: 01/18/2019 Number of VRs included is increased! Each box comes with either 1 VR or 1 SVR! (This applies to this booster and all subsequent extra boosters) * This product is recommended for experienced players due to the characteristics of the clans featured. * Decks of each clan can be constructed with just this product! (Trigger units and first vanguards featured) * The OR for {Gear Chronicle} will come with the new illustration as it is a new unit. Featured Clans: * Gear Chronicle * Genesis * Great Nature Contents: * 1 pack contains 7 random cards * 1 display contains 12 packs * 68 types of cards [68 new cards] (VR: 3 / RRR: 6 / RR: 8 / R: 14 / C: 37) + SVR: 3 [3 Parallel] + OR: 3 [3 Parallel] * 2 cards in every pack will definitely be R or above cards!!...
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Skaven Gnawholes Pre-Order
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Gnawholes split the skin of reality, tearing open like lesions and allowing frenzied skaven swarms to spill forth. Manifesting as whirling green portals, gaping black holes, fume-wreathed chasms and countless other malignant phenomena, these tunnels through reality seep with the ruinous energies of the Horned Rat.Gnawholes are powerful terrain pieces that allow your skaven army to travel across the battlefield instantaneously – perfect for surprise attacks or quick getaways. Available at no matched play points cost to your army, they’re a must-have for any skaven player and allow you to unlock the full power of your collection. This set contains three Gnawhole terrain pieces, plus a number of bells and braziers for customising their appearance with, and is supplied in 102 plastic components.