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All Star Baseball 99 N64
CARTRIDGE ONLY Over 700 Major League Baseball players are represented by skinned polygons with a smooth natural look that simulates muscle tone. There is also over 500 animations that gives players a very smooth look when they move. You will be able to track stats in over 60 categories. In addition to the usual season modes you can start a fantasy baseball mode in which you can create and draft your own team. You can also create trade sign and release players. During the season you can call players up from a 15-player farm team to make up for injuries.
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Battlezone Rise of the Black Dogs N64
CARTRIDGE ONLY  After years of brutal warfare, the Earth has been ripped to shreds by countless Mech-battles and is mostly thought to be a lost cause. Alien artifacts recently discovered on the moon could turn the tide of the war, so American, Soviets, and Black Dog troops scramble for control of the devices. Single-player gameplay offers Arcade, Pilot, and Commander modes, while multiplayer modes include Deathmatch, Racing, and Strategy. Regardless of whether you’re a lone wolf who prefers to wade into battle alone, or you’re a team player who digs being a part of a massive battle campaign, BATTLEZONE: Rise of the Black Dogs has got something for everyone! Special Features control a towering Mech battle unit, play as Americans, Soviets or the Black Dog renegades, pilot 14 different vehicles, 30 unique weapons Warnings Animated Violence Details Players: 1-4 Players Controller: Gamepad, Joystick Memory Card: Yes
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Crusin World 64 N64
CARTRIDGE ONLY You may have embarked on a coast-to-coast trip across the States with Cruis'n USA, but are you ready to tour the world? Midway's follow-up to 1996's arcade racer emphasizes high-speed travel through exotic locales, including destinations in Hawaii, Australia, Kenya, Mexico, and China. Compete in a championship, learn each course in a practice session, or prepare to "Cruise the World." The latter mode has you selecting one of 12 initially available vehicles, ranging from a 4x4 to an ATV, and competing against nine rivals on series of 15 courses. "Championship" offers an abbreviated version of each course on a choice of three difficulty levels, where you'll be able to perform stunts for a chance to improve your vehicle's top speed or color scheme. Cruis'n World also features four-player racing via split-screen display and support for the Rumble Pak accessory. Finish the point-to-point courses within a target time to...
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Duck Dodgers Starring Daffy Duck 64 N64
CARTRIDGE ONLY Looney Toons Duck Dodgers for Nintendo 64 allows you to be Daffy Duck's sci-fi alter-ego to enter a conventional 3D platforming adventure in search of the scattered energy that Marvin needs to complete his doomsday project. For 1 Player.
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CARTRIDGE ONLY F1 Pole Position 64 puts you behind the wheel of a Formula 1 Indy car in the guise of one of several real world class drivers. Your goal is to race all 17 tracks in the worldwide F1 circuit and do it the way the real guys do it: stopping in for pit stops to refuel or change your tires, negotiating hairpin turns without crashing into the grandstand, and facing all sorts of weather conditions. Your pit crew will offer you advice as you race. The computer will handle the other cars. Watch out, because they're real aggressive! As the season progresses, you'll earn points depending on how well you and your teammates do in each race. A memory pak will hold all the data for you. The team with the most points at the end of the season is the world champ. Good luck!
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Fox Sports College Hoops '99 N64
CARTRIDGE ONLY NBA Live 2002 is the full on-court NBA experience. Hear what the players are talking about and see what’s going on from their eyes. Get inside for more lay-ups and dunks along with more control in the low post. Facial animation and lip synching are heavily focused during transition sequences and auto replays. See Allen Iverson with his tattoos and corn rows arguing a referee’s call or yelling as he throws down a big time dunk and see his reaction as he celebrates afterwards. See--and play--NBA Live 2002! Fox Sports College Hoops '99 captures the pride tradition and passion of college basketball. Complete college basketball license with 120 college teams NCAA Tournament NCAA Sweet 16 and Final Four.
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CARTRIDGE ONLY Hot Wheels Turbo Racing for Nintendo 64 is a racing title that has you driving one of 40 classic Hot Wheels models - each with its own strengths and weaknesses - in three different fantasy worlds
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Indiana Jones and the Infernal Machine N64
CARTRIDGE ONLY Communists are trying to build a machine that will open a door to a parallel universe, but there are a few parts they still need. It's up to Indiana Jones to search the world and recover the missing parts before the Soviets. Help Indy fight his way through all levels of action as you use a whip, pistol, machine gun, and grenades to destroy your enemies. You've got to keep the world safe for democracy in INDIANA JONES AND THE INFERNAL MACHINE
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CARTRIDGE ONLY Go the distance with boxing's biggest names. EA SPORTS undisputed world champion boxing game makes its debut on the N64. Featuring power up KO punches, hidden moves and arcade action, Knockout Kings 2000 delivers over the top boxing action. From a no holds barred Slugfest match to a championship bout in Career mode, Knockout Kings 2000 puts you in the ring like never before. Slug it out as or against some of the greatest boxers of all time, including current champions Evander Holyfield and Oscar De La Hoya and legendary ring superstars Sugar Ray Leonard and Muhammad Ali. Fight as one of these champions or quickly create your own boxer to take on anyone in any mode. Lace 'em up and get it on.
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CARTRIDGE ONLY Off season? John Madden knows no such thing. If you want to win you've got to work. That's just what the Madden Team at EA has been doing and it shows. Possibly the most graphically superior football sim ever '99 incorporates everything the Madden Team has learned in eight seasons and adds 110%.