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Magic the Gathering: War of the Spark - The Whole Enchilada (Preorder)
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Release Date: May 3, 2019. Preorder items are not yet available untile May3,2019. The quantity available / "in stock" notations are the quantities Emerald Dragon Games has available for advance order.   If there are other items on the order, the entire order will not ship until all preorders release.   Image, contents, and release date are subject to change. Contents:1 War of the Spark Booster Box1 War of the Spark Bundle1 of each War of the Spark Planeswalker Decks  
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War of the Spark Booster Box & Buy Box Promo Pre-Release
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War of the Spark  & Buy Box Promo Pre-Release In Store Pick-up Only While all previous sets on Ravnica focused on the ten Ravnican guilds, this set will focus on the culmination of the Bolas Arc simply using the world as a backdrop. The set features a "crazy" element that has never been tried before. The set is accompanied by the first major paper Magic novel after an eight year break The storyline and set will revolve around the fight between the Gatewatch and Nicol Bolas. The fight turns into an all-out planeswalker war. Dozens of powerful planeswalkers, from many disparate realities, unite against the elder dragon, who has claimed dominion over Ravnica and is perilously close to completing the spell that will grant him godhood. As they fight alongside the Gatewatch—led by Chandra Nalaar, Jace Beleren, and Gideon Jura—against Bolas and his relentless army of Eternals, nothing less than the fate of the multiverse is at stake. Little do the Gatewatch suspect that Bolas has not only accounted for their interference, but...
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MtG Modern Horizons Booster Box Pre-Order
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FREE shipping Modern Horizons is the first Magic set to skip Standard legality and aim straight for Modern. Inside are new-to-Modern cards, with a mix of new cards and reprints that will become Modern-legal for the first time.The set is full of cards that build up favorite Modern strategies, create new ones, and bring plenty of flavor to matches where Modern cards are legal. Pre-Order ships June Estimated Release Date: June 14, 2019
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Play Mat MTG Black Lotus Ultra Pro Magic The Gathering Playmat 86840
Magic The GatheringBlack LotusPlay Mat  *NEW* ULP86840   This is an Ultra-Pro ULP86840 Magic: The Gathering Black Lotus Play Mat. Playmat with premium fabric top to prevent damage to cards during game play. Dimensions are approximately 24" X 13-1/2". Rubber backing lets the playmat lay flat and prevents the mat from shifting during use
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Ultimate Masters - Booster Pack
Ultimate Masters contains 254 cards (101 common, 80 uncommon, 53 rare, and 20 mythic rare) and includes randomly inserted premium versions of all cards. The product contains cards from across Magic's entire history with some of Magic's most popular cards.  The 15-card booster packs including one premium foil card in every pack. The sixteen-card boosters (the sixteenth card is a marketing card) feature artwork from Liliana of the Veil, Karn Liberated, and Vengevine.