Game Boy Color

PREOWNED. Unless specifically stated otherwise, please expect the game to be in Used Acceptable Condition which means possibly  Cartridge only, Games has been cleaned but may have label wear or tearing. If applicable, activation codes for bonus online content may be missing or expired. Product may not include downloadable content.
  • Priced from $3.99
Who Wants to Be a Millionaire - GBC
CARTRIDGE ONLY Based on the 2nd Edition version of the PC/PlayStation hit (thus the "2nd Edition" title -- there never was a "1st Edition" for Game Boy.) Features 600 questions, lifeline choices, and FMV featuring Regis Philbin
  • Priced from $6.99
X-Men Mutant Academy GBC
CARTRIDGE ONLY How about a little mutant mano a mano? The X-men, who've been honing their street-fighting proficiencies in comic books since the 1960s, get their own one-on-one fighting game for the Game Boy Color in X-Men: Mutant Academy. As this is an academy, the idea is for the 10 selectable X-men to learn how to best use their mutant powers, such as Wolverine and his metal claws or Storm and her lightning bolts. Professor X is there to help out with a friendly word of advice. Once you've mastered your skills, combos, and special moves, take them to the fight arena and spar with the other mutants. If a friend of yours has this game for his or her Game Boy Color, you can link the two via the Game Boy link cable and test each other's mutant powers.