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7 Wonders Duel
One of the most celebrated games in the world can now be experienced in a two-player arena. 7 Wonders Duel takes the gameplay and excitement of the original and adapts it for one-on-one battles. Take control of your civilization and decide to invest in science, military or prestige. Two new ways to win will keep you on your toes and watching every move your opponent makes. If you fail to build defenses your capital city may be destroyed but ignore technology and your people may be left in the dark ages. It's a constant tug of war. 7 Wonders Duel is an exciting new way to play the game that took the world by storm. Great for both fans of the original and those new to the hobby. CONTENTS:Game board, 23 Age I cards, 23 Age II cards, 20 Age III cards, 7 Guild cards, 12 Wonder cards, 4 Military...
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The 2019 Gold Sarcophagus Tin is fashioned after the iconic Gold Sarcophagus and is designed to reduce the amount of wear and tear sustained by the cards you keep in it, making it a stylish and efficient way to store cards that are important to you!Each tin will come with 5 Prismatic Secret Rare variant cards: • 2 cards (from a set of 6 new cards) with art by Kazuki Takahashi, the creator of Yu-Gi-Oh! • 2 cards (from a set of 5 cards) from the original Yu-Gi-Oh! animated series, which includes the 3 Egyptian God Cards with art by Kazuki Takahashi. • 1 of 3 new World Premiere cards designed to be usable in any Deck, and help you stage a comeback against some of the fastest strategies that might come from your opponent. One card prevents Graveyard dumping, another punishes your opponent if they Summoned too many monsters, and the third gives you...
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Naruto Boruto 2-Player Card Game: Naruto & Naruto Shippuden Set
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Naruto Boruto 2-Player Card Game: Naruto & Naruto Shippuden Set BANDAI CO., LTD Introducing Chrono Clash System, an innovative resource and turn management mechanic allowing players to experience dynamic battles! An exciting combative deck-building game from renowned American game designer, Ryan Miller, and Bandai Learn to play in 5 minutes! Icons quickly and clearly communicate gameplay effects. Each 2 player starter set allows players to start battling out of the box! Inexpensive to play! Purchasing additional sets expands gameplay to 4 players or opens up an extensive variety of deck building options!
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Unearth: The Lost Tribe Expansion Pre-Order
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Unearth: The Lost Tribe Expansion BROTHERWISE GAMES Unearth: The Lost Tribe introduces players to the Lost Tribe of Delvers. Now the Darkness is returning, and the Lost Tribe has emerged from their hidden canyon retreats to lead the fight against the Darkness again. The 3 expansions include: An enhanced 2-4 player game: new ruins, new wonders, new Delver cards, and all new, colorless stones. A 5-player expansion: new ruins and new dice allow the inclusion of a fifth player. A Solo version: the challenging solo campaign, Against the Darkness, pits a single player against an ever-growing Darkness. Unique rules and seven different scenarios provide continued replayability.
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Flotilla Pre-Order
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Flotilla WIZKIDS/NECA In Flotilla, you are a Fleet Commander, trying to bring prosperity to humanity`s new home. You`ll explore the new face of the ocean, salvage whatever you can from the depths, build your crew, and gain influence with the governing guilds. If you do well enough, you might be able to take what you`ve gathered, and add it to the Flotilla itself by attaching your watercraft. Your goal is to become the most influential figure in the Flotilla, and lead civilization into a new era. Release Date: TBD
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Fertility Pre-Order
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Fertility ASMODEE EDITIONS You manage a Metropolis in Ancient Egypt. Exploit the riches of the Valley of the Nile, build new districts and supply your shops. Release Date: TBD
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Nemo Rising: Robur the Conqueror Pre-Order
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Nemo Rising: Robur the Conqueror WIZKIDS/NECA Nemo Rising: Robur the Conqueror is a cooperative board game that follows the new adventures of Captain Nemo and the crew of the Nautilus. The game allows 1 - 4 players to assume the roles of the protagonists of the series, Captain Nemo, Sara Duncan, Adam Fulmer, or Ulysses S. Grant, as they explore new worlds, overcome dangerous obstacles, and complete challenging missions. As you and your fellow players work together, you can choose to explore one of two scenarios. Will Robur be defeated, or will he conquer the earth? It`s up to you. Release Date: 09/18/2019
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Foodies Pre-Order
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Foodies COOLMINIORNOT In Foodies, players take on the role of managers in a Food Court. During the game, they will add new dishes to their menu, connecting the stars between different dishes. Release Date: TBD
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Deep Blue Pre-Order
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Deep Blue DAYS OF WONDER Deep Blue is a push-your-luck and engine-building family game where players dive for wealth and may join and benefit from other players diving fortunes. Release Date: TBD
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Aquicorn Cove Pre-Order
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Aquicorn Cove RENEGADE GAMES STUDIOS In Aquicorn Cove, players work together to rebuild their small fishing village after a devastating storm, while maintaining a balance with the natural world. Luckily, the waters of their cove are home to the beautiful and benevolent Aquicorns, who can help them learn to live in harmony with the ocean. To win, the villagers must feed and grow their village and help restore the health of the reef and the aquatic ecosystem. Release Date: TBD
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Star Wars Destiny: Covert Missions Booster Pack Display (36) Pre-Order
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Star Wars Destiny: Covert Missions Booster Pack Display (36) FANTASY FLIGHT GAMES Covert Missions expands on the themes of the Convergence block by continuing to place an emphasis on sub-types, downgrades, and plots!
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Fury of Dracula 4th Edition
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Fury of Dracula 4th Edition It is 1898. London has returned to peace for eight years following Count Dracula’s thwarted plans, or so they thought...In Fury of Dracula, one player is Count Dracula secretly traveling the European countries, turning humans into vampires with his gruesome bite, and laying deadly traps for those hunting him. The Count's opponents are the Hunters who must find the bloodthirsty villain and destroy him before his undead thralls claim the night as their own.This WizKids print of the classic hidden movement vampire hunt includes a new and improved rule book; larger, poker-sized cards; and fully painted figures for Dracula and each of the Hunters. This updated and improved version of this thematic classic is a perfect addition to any board gamer's shelf!
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Exploding Kittens Original Edition
A Card Game for People Who Are Into Kittens and Explosions and Sometimes GoatsIn this highly-strategic, kitty-powered version of Russian Roulette, players draw cards until someone draws an Exploding Kitten, at which point they explode, they are dead, and they are out of the game -- unless that player has a Defuse card, which can defuse the Kitten using things like laser pointers, belly rubs, and catnip sandwiches. All of the other cards in the deck are used to move, mitigate, or avoid the Exploding Kittens.Exploding Kittens is a card game for people who are into kittens and explosions and laser beams and sometimes goats.Family-friendly, party game for 2-5 players (up to 9 players when combined with any other deck).This is the most-backed project in Kickstarter history and all cards feature illustrations by The Oatmeal.Includes 56 cards (2.5 x 3.5 inches), box, and instructions.
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King of Tokyo: The Halloween Monster Pack Expansion
King of Tokyo: The Halloween Monster Pack Expansion IELLO Meet Jack O`Lantern with its enormous pumpkin head, and Boogy Woogy the gigantic bogeyman! These two, new, scary monsters come with their own sets of Evolution cards, but for Halloween, the original King of Tokyo monsters may want to look a bit spooky, too, so we`ve included 12 new Power cards to allow them to fit in! This limited edition Halloween expansion for King of Tokyo also includes a set of six orange-and-black engraved dice and an exclusive card for the next King of Tokyo standalone release.
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Elder Sign
Elder Sign FANTASY FLIGHT GAMES Elder Sign lets players control investigators who must successfully endure adventures within a mysterious museum in order to gather clues, items, and the eldritch knowledge they need to seal the rifts between dimensions and prevent the ancient ones arrival. A clever and thematic dice mechanic pits their exploration against monsters and the sheer difficulty of staying sane and healthy while investigating the most dangerous exhibits and most terrifying instances of insanity. Created by Richard Launius and Kevin Wilson, the designers of Arkham Horror, Elder Sign recreates the Lovecraftian thrills of eerie suspense and mind-numbing horrors in a chilling, cooperative board game.
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Munchkin Booty (Revised)
Munchkin Booty (Revised) STEVE JACKSON GAMES Munchkin Booty brings the greatest gold gatherers in history `pirates!` to the hilarious Munchkin card game series. Plunder the seven seas as a pirate, naval officer, or merchant. Taunt your foes with your horrible accent - British, Spanish, Dutch, or French. Use your silver long johns to beat the lobster mobster! And, watch out for sharks! This 168-card expansion is compatible with the whole Munchkin family of games.
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Storyline: Scary Tales
Storyline: Scary Tales ASMODEE EDITIONS Continue your own fanciful adventure stories with this spooky addition of Scary Tales, the second installment of StoryLine! In this simple, beautifully-illustrated card game, players create a story together, with each player contributing characters, places, objects, and events to the narrative. Will your villain be a Wicked Vampire or a Mad Scientist? Will their lair be in a Mysterious Swamp or a Haunted Chapel? prepare yourself for a frightful evening - this story is yours for the telling!
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Zombie Terror
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Zombie Terror ARES GAMES We must stay together - they`re everywhere! Only a few have managed to remain alive after the `zombieapocalypse`. A small group of survivors hunkered down inside a shopping mall, but the apparent safe haven soon turned out to be a dead end - literally! In the face of danger they have only one choice - to escape! However, the only way leads through a parking lot full of ravenous, brain-craving undead! Zombie Terror is an asymmetrical game for two players.