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CardFight Vanguard TCG: Primary Melody Booster Pack
CardFight Vanguard TCG: Primary Melody Booster Pack Release Date: 5/17/2019
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Ultra Pro 25Ct 2-Piece Plastic Box 2-Pack
Ultra Pro 25-Count Plastic Box Ultra Pro 25Ct 2-Piece Plastic Box 2-Pack
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Yu-Gi-Oh!: Duel Power Box
Duel Power celebrates Spring 2019 by rolling together a new 100-card Ultra Rare booster set (including 40 brand-new cards) alongside new Ultra Rare variant artwork of every Yu-Gi-Oh! TV series ace monster (from Dark Magician to Decode Talker), and a new double-sided Gameboard celebrating Yu-Gi-Oh!’s history. Each box of Duel Power contains 6 new Duel Power booster packs with 5 Ultra Rare cards per pack. Duel Power’s booster set includes 40 new cards and 60 hot reprints, including the 4 popular “discard” effect monsters (from Ghost Ogre & Snow Rabbit to Ghost Belle & Haunted Mansion); popular Spells and Traps like Infinite Impermanence, Card of Demise, and Evenly Matched; Link Monsters from Borreload Dragon to Trickstar Holly Angel; and out-of-print cards like Naturia Beast, High Priestess of Prophecy, and 2015’s “Nekroz” Ritual Monsters. Duel Power’s new cards span the whole history of Yu-Gi-Oh! by revisiting the main monsters from each...
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Final Fantasy Trading Card Game: Opus VII Collection Booster Pack
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Opus VII enhances the play experience and collectability of the Final Fantasy TCG, featuring popular characters from the fan-favorite series, and introducing new titles to FFTCG, such as FINAL FANTASY Crystal Chronicles: Ring of Fates, FINAL FANTASY Legends, and FINAL FANTASY Brave Exvius. Strengthen your Final Fantasy trading card game deck with one of these booster packs! Each pack includes 12 cards total, with one premium foil card.
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A Strange Case in Ryme City!Time for some serious Pokémon sleuthing - because there’s an amazing Pokémon detective in town! Celebrate the POKÉMON Detective Pikachu movie with a high-powered Pokémon-GX foil promo card and an oversize Pokémon-GX card - both of them clear highlights of any Pokémon TCG collection. And that’s not all! Tear into 4 special Pokémon TCG: Detective Pikachu booster packs, plus 2 more Pokémon TCG booster packs to expand your collection - and to uncover a few more Pokémon from Ryme City and beyond!The Pokémon TCG: Detective Pikachu Character GX Box includes: • 1 foil promo card featuring Mewtwo-GX • 1 foil oversize card featuring Mewtwo-GX • 4 Pokémon TCG: Detective Pikachu booster packs • 2 additional Pokémon TCG booster packs • 1 code card for the Pokémon Trading Card Game Online Related Products Release Date: 04/05/2019
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Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG: Speed Duel - Attack from the Deep Booster
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Speed Duel: Attack from the Deep booster set will upgrade your Speed Duel Decks with 45 new-to-Speed Duel cards and 5 brand-new Skill Cards. With both Kaiba and Joey Wheeler bringing new Skill Cards to the booster set, Duelists will also see Mako Tsunami make his Speed Dueling debut with his army from the deep, bringing with him 3 new Skill Cards!   Release Date: 05/31/2019
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Fantasy Flight Games FFGWHC38 Glory of Days Past Battle Pack
Glory of Days Past is the fourth Battle Pack in the Eternal War cycle for Warhammer Invasion The Card Game. As the races of the Old World continue to seek new means of routing their old foes Glory of Days Past explores their traditional strengths while helping them develop new strategies based around dynamic battlefield phases. To stand against the surging forces of Destruction the Dwarfs mine and forge men of the Empire meet their foes with spells and steel and High Elf mages harness the Eight Winds.. The fourth Battle Pack in the Eternal War cycle for Warhammer Invasion The Card Game.. Develops each races traditional strengths and dynamic new battlefield strategies.. Bolsters decks built around the new Ambush and Raider keywords.. Dwarf players gain the support of a powerful new legend.. Dimension - 7.70 x 2 x 5.1 in.. Item Weight - 0.2 lbs..