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Dominion of Sigmar: Sigmarite Dais Pre-Orders
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Each of the Stormvaults was filled with the statues and iconography of Azyr, its halls consecrated by the greatest of the God-King’s priests. This hallowed ground still radiates that ancient power.An eye-catching piece for any terrain collection, the Sigmarite Dais is the perfect addition to your battlefields. As well as helping you theme your battles to the worlds of the Mortal Realms with a gigantic statue of Sigmar itself, it’s great for adding some tactical depth for your battles, blocking line of sight and giving you some high ground to battle over! A free downloadable warscroll gives this terrain piece its own rules, in this case acting as an inspiring bastion for Order armies and an object of terror for Destruction, Death, and Chaos. This Dominion of Sigmar kit is designed to be highly modular and compatible with the rest of the Dominion of Sigmar range. You can build yours out...
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Dominion of Sigmar: Shattered Temple Pre-Order
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This ancient temple-city has been all but obliterated in some unknown cataclysm. Its guardian spirit has broken free of its bonds and now haunts the ruins, preying upon any who stray too close.Build up your battlefield with the Shattered Temple – a Dominion of Sigmar kit that makes adding thematic terrain to your games simple. In-game, the Shattered Temple adds new tactical challenges to your battles by blocking line of sight and giving your troops some high ground to fight over. What’s more, this model is both Deadly and Arcane, making it an excellent spot for your favourite Wizards to hide!This Dominion of Sigmar kit is designed to be highly modular and compatible with the rest of the Dominion of Sigmar range. You can build yours out the box with the instructions and use it in-game with the free downloadable warscroll, or alternatively, you can unleash your creativity and build...
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Shattered Dominion of Sigmar Collection Pre-Order
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Build yourself an epic battlefield with this bundle of Shattered Dominion and Dominion of Sigmar scenery! Inside, you'll find everything you need to build a truly awesome gaming board, modelled after one of the storied ruins that dot the Mortal Realms.A set of Shattered Dominion Realm of Battle tiles gives you a solid base on which to build your battlefield, featuring details that hint at long-lost kingdoms. Meanwhile the Sigmarite Dais and Enduring Stormvault kits allow you to add extra detail to your board. Both kits are designed to be compatible, allowing you to combine them to build some stunning structures. Lastly, two sets of Timeworn Ruins give you loads of thematic scatter terrain to add to your board, allowing you to set up thrilling battlefields with ease.This bundle contains:1x Warhammer Age of Sigmar Realm of Battle: Shattered Dominion1x Dominion of Sigmar: Sigmarite Dais2x Dominion of Sigmar: Timeworn Ruins1x Dominion...
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Soul Wars: Forbidden Power Pre-Order
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In the wake of the Necroquake, Sigmar’s Stormvaults – arcane repositories locking away great and terrifying power – have been revealed! Now, armies from across the realms scrabble to secure the contents of the Stormvaults for themselves, while in Shyish, something stirs…Enter the next chapter of the Soul Wars! Forbidden Power is a massive expansion that has something for every kind of Warhammer Age of Sigmar gamer. Explore the thrilling war for the Stormvaults, take part with your own forces on the tabletop, and unlock new power to use in all your games.- Delve into the story of the War for the Stormvaults and enter the mysterious region of Stygxx, the Land of Forgotten Gods, brought to life with new lore and beautiful illustrations.- Enhance your campaigns with expanded rules to represent the War for the Stormvaults, including a Region of War for Stygxx, rules for special campaign artefacts that...
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Citadel Skirmish Figure Case
The Citadel Figure Cases are the perfect way to transport and protect your Citadel miniatures. Containing one set of our revolutionary channel foam, the Citadel Skirmish Figure Case has been specially designed to fit almost any model that we make, any shape and size, quickly and easily without the chore of cutting and shaping to fit.Packing and unpacking the case is absurdly quick and easy; any model, however pointy, placed anywhere within the channels will be protected as well as if you’d spent countless hours hacking away at a custom fit. You’ll free up more time to concentrate on games, painting or just showing off your miniatures collection. The channel foam is as efficient a use of space as possible, allowing you to store more models more safely than any other case. Have a look at the images or check out the video in the tab to the right to...
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Funko POP! Dark Angels Veteran Pre-Order
Games Workshop has teamed up with the guys at Funko to bring you a very special series of POP! Vinyls, combining the classic POP! aesthetic with your favourite characters from the grim darkness of the far future…Is being adorable in the Codex Astartes? We’re not sure – but we can say with some certainty that this Ultramarines Intercessor POP! is the ideal guardian for your desk at work or your shelves at home. This POP! Vinyl comes packaged in a window display box and stands at around 3 and 3/4 inches tall. Please note, each Warhammer 40,000 Funko POP! is strictly limited to ONE per customer. Pre-order By 5/18/2019
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Warhammer Age of Sigmar: Soul Wars
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The Realmgate Wars were fought over the magical portals that bound the Mortal Realms together, but another conflict has been brewing in the shadows for thousands of years. This is a battle not for resources, nor for pure conquest, but for the immortal souls of the living and dead; a cosmic rivalry between gods who have carried their hatred through the ages. The spread of the light of civilisation, spearheaded by the God-King Sigmar, faces a dire threat posed by the Lord of Undeath, Nagash. Sigmar’s Sacrosanct Chambers, created to fight daemons and wraiths, face the malevolent spirits known as Nighthaunts in a battle for the free city of Glymmsforge…Containing 52 push-fit Stormcast Eternals and Nighthaunt miniatures, along with a 320-page hardback Core Book and an exclusive 32-page Battle of Glymmsforge booklet, Soul Wars is the perfect boxed set for those who want to dive into this exciting new chapter...
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Battletome: Sylvaneth (Softback)
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The spirit­song rises, and the sylvaneth march to war!The air sings with glorious life magic as the children of Alarielle surge into battle. The reborn goddess of war leads from the front as glorious Wyldwoods burst forth from the heaving ground, called into being by ancient spirits. Determined to protect the Realm of Life, mighty Wargroves advance, crushing enemies with the inexorable strength of nature. Outcasts and Free Spirits strike suddenly and without warning, slaughtering the foe mercilessly to cleanse the tainted land. The sylvaneth’s rebirth will be remembered as a harbinger of absolute vengeance.This 144 ­page softback Battletome contains: ­Exclusive gaming content:- Rites of Battle: potent abilities that can be conferred on armies with the Sylvaneth allegiance, and Command Traits that can be used by their generals; ­- Spell Lores: powerful magic, both defensive and offensive, specifically for sylvaneth wizards;- Artefacts of the Glades: relics of war, usable by sylvaneth heroes;- 3 Battleplans, helping you to...
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Skaven Gnawholes Pre-Order
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Gnawholes split the skin of reality, tearing open like lesions and allowing frenzied skaven swarms to spill forth. Manifesting as whirling green portals, gaping black holes, fume-wreathed chasms and countless other malignant phenomena, these tunnels through reality seep with the ruinous energies of the Horned Rat.Gnawholes are powerful terrain pieces that allow your skaven army to travel across the battlefield instantaneously – perfect for surprise attacks or quick getaways. Available at no matched play points cost to your army, they’re a must-have for any skaven player and allow you to unlock the full power of your collection. This set contains three Gnawhole terrain pieces, plus a number of bells and braziers for customising their appearance with, and is supplied in 102 plastic components.
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Carrion Empire
The skaven Clans Skryre and the lurking ghouls of the Flesh-eater Courts do battle amidst the ruins of a cursed civilisation, fighting over arcane secrets like scavengers over a rotting corpse. Carrion Empire is a battlebox that pits the scheming skaven of the Clans Skryre against the delusional monstrosities of the Flesh-eater Courts. Inside, you'll find: – 33 models split across two armies, giving you a variety of units for both the Skaven and Flesh-eater Courts, all costing less than getting the kits separately – Two new Heroes – the commanding Abhorrant Archregent and ingenious Warlock Bombardier, both exclusive to this set. – The 40-page Carrion Empire booklet, which includes lore, battleplans and rules for playing with the set right out of the box. – Warscroll cards and tokens for keeping track of both armies on the tabletop, including range rulers, command point markers and more. Whether you're looking to...
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Skaven Essentials
Unite the skaven clans and conquer the world above with this special starter bundle! Inside, you'll find everything you need to lead the skaven into a new age of battle, with the battletome, Warscroll Cards, Endless Spells and even special skaven-themed dice. This bundle contains: 1x Battletome: Skaven 1x Skaven Warscroll Cards 1x Endless Spells: Skaven 1x Skaven Dice
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Games Workshop Shattered Dominion Bases
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Designed to match and complement the Realm of Battle: Shattered Dominion gameboard, these awesome, highly detailed plastic bases are ideal for the foot-soldiers in your Warhammer Age of Sigmar collection. You'll receive 40 25mm Round bases and 30 32mm Round bases, with 16 extra skulls for decoration - these moulded bases will help you achieve a stunning look for your miniatures!.