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Shattered Dominion of Sigmar Collection Pre-Order
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Build yourself an epic battlefield with this bundle of Shattered Dominion and Dominion of Sigmar scenery! Inside, you'll find everything you need to build a truly awesome gaming board, modelled after one of the storied ruins that dot the Mortal Realms.A set of Shattered Dominion Realm of Battle tiles gives you a solid base on which to build your battlefield, featuring details that hint at long-lost kingdoms. Meanwhile the Sigmarite Dais and Enduring Stormvault kits allow you to add extra detail to your board. Both kits are designed to be compatible, allowing you to combine them to build some stunning structures. Lastly, two sets of Timeworn Ruins give you loads of thematic scatter terrain to add to your board, allowing you to set up thrilling battlefields with ease.This bundle contains:1x Warhammer Age of Sigmar Realm of Battle: Shattered Dominion1x Dominion of Sigmar: Sigmarite Dais2x Dominion of Sigmar: Timeworn Ruins1x Dominion...
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Shadowspear and Dark Imperium Collection
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If you're looking to kick-start your Warhammer 40,000 experience, look no further than the Shadowspear and Dark Imperium Collection. This bundle includes not only the full rules for the game, but a whopping 88 single-pose miniatures – enough to make two sizable armies, comprising Primaris and Vanguard Space Marines and a combined force of Death Guard and Chaos Space Marines – or four smaller forces.The bundle includes:Rules– 280-page Warhammer 40,000 rulebook– 24-page Primaris Space Marines booklet– 24-page Death Guard booklet– 24-page Codex: Vanguard Space Marines– 24-page Codex: Daemonkin– 24-page Shadowspear campaign bookPrimaris Space Marines– 1 Primaris Captain in Gravis Armour– 1 Primaris Ancient– 2 Primaris Lieutenants– 10 Intercessors– 5 Hellblasters– 3 InceptorsVanguard Space Marines– 1 Captain in Phobos armour– 1 Librarian in Phobos armour– 1 Lieutenant in Phobos armour– 10 Infiltrators– 3 Eliminators– 3 SuppressorsDeath Guard– 1 Lord of Contagion– 1 Noxious Blightbringer– 1 Malignant Plaguecaster– 7 Plague Marines– 20...
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Warhammer Quest: The Beast Within Collection
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This bundle combines everything you need to plunge headlong into Warhammer Quest: Blackstone Fortress, including not only the boxed game itself, but the game's first expansion – The Dreaded Ambull. Not only that, but the Blackstone Fortress Carry Case will enable you to safely store and transport all of the game's miniatures.This bundle contains:- Warhammer Quest: Blackstone Fortress (including 44 multipart plastic miniatures and the complete core game rules)- Warhammer Quest: Blackstone Fortress – the Dreaded Ambull (3 multipart plastic miniatures and game expansion rules)- Blackstone Fortress Carry Case (designed to safely carry your miniatures and emblazoned with the game's logo)Please note: The Blackstone Fortress Carry Case is designed to fit the 44 miniatures included in the Warhammer Quest: Blackstone Fortress game. It will not also fit the miniatures in the Dreaded Ambull expansion, though it is capable of holding these miniatures if others are left out.
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Star Wars Armada: Super Star Destroyer Expansion Pack Pre-Buy
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Star Wars Armada: Super Star Destroyer Expansion Pack Secure your Star Destroyer Today with Emerald Dragon Games FANTASY FLIGHT GAMES The Super Star Destroyer Expansion Pack arrives to swell the forces of the Galactic Empire with the first ship of an entirely new classhuge ships. The pre-painted, beautifully sculpted Super Star Destroyer miniature within this expansion is the largest miniature yet created by Fantasy Flight Games, measuring over 24 inches from tip to tip. Of course, such a huge miniature serves as a stunning reminder of Imperial might on the battlefieldbut its also a fully functional piece that you can add to your Imperial fleets. With four unique ship sheets, an assortment of tokens, and twenty-four upgrade cards, including iconic commanders like Admiral Piett and Emperor Palpatine, any rival fleet will tremble to face the might of your onslaught. Release Date: TBD Pre-Order till: Mid-June 2019
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Warhammer Age of Sigmar: Soul Wars
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The Realmgate Wars were fought over the magical portals that bound the Mortal Realms together, but another conflict has been brewing in the shadows for thousands of years. This is a battle not for resources, nor for pure conquest, but for the immortal souls of the living and dead; a cosmic rivalry between gods who have carried their hatred through the ages. The spread of the light of civilisation, spearheaded by the God-King Sigmar, faces a dire threat posed by the Lord of Undeath, Nagash. Sigmar’s Sacrosanct Chambers, created to fight daemons and wraiths, face the malevolent spirits known as Nighthaunts in a battle for the free city of Glymmsforge…Containing 52 push-fit Stormcast Eternals and Nighthaunt miniatures, along with a 320-page hardback Core Book and an exclusive 32-page Battle of Glymmsforge booklet, Soul Wars is the perfect boxed set for those who want to dive into this exciting new chapter...
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Imperial Knights Knight Preceptor Canis Rex Warhammer 40,000
A mulitpart plastic kit that makes either a Knight Preceptor or the named character Canis Rex. This kit can instead make any one of the following Imperial Knights: Crusader, Warden, Gallant, Paladin, or Errant. This kit also allows you to build Sir Hekhtur, the pilot of the Canis Rex, on foot. Games Workshop plastic miniatures are sold unpainted and will require assembly.
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Shadowspear recreates the vicious fighting that took place across the corrupted wastes of Nemendghast, as Vanguard Space Marines of the Ultramarines 2nd Company clashed with the Master of Possession Vorash and his Daemonkin warband of the Black Legion.Vanguard Space Marines are elite reconnaissance troops, trained to operate without support across the deadliest frontiers of the galaxy. Ranging far ahead of the main battle line, they prosecute full-spectrum campaigns of domination against the enemy by sabotaging communications, demolishing supply caches, and draining morale with terror strikes. Meanwhile, the devoted warriors of the Daemonkin believe that true ascension is only possible through the willing sacrifice of their living flesh. Led by Masters of Possession, they enact blasphemous rituals and commit increasingly terrible acts of slaughter, breaking the thin veil between realities and welcoming the raging spirits of the warp into their souls.Shadowspear is a boxed set containing two armies split across the...
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Warhammer Quest Shadows Over Hammerhal
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Hammerhal. Built in the glorious image of Azyrheim, the seat of the God-King Sigmar’s power. Within its walls can be found danger and beauty, faith and intrigue, poverty and fortune. From the gleaming crystal spires of Goldenpath to the mist-shrouded vineways of Ghyra-un-Tyr, there is seemingly no end to its marvels. Yet most who witness this splendour know little of the danger and menace that fill the outer districts of the city, and that which lurks below…A band of heroes has been brought together by circumstance, and are bound to hunt down and nullify a sinister Chaos plot in the dungeons and catacombs below Hammerhal. Lord-Castellant Arvios Sunhelm, his Gryph-hound Archimaine and Cogsmith Golnir Coalbeard are joined by Loremaster Alnaryn and Fleetmaster Vizrin Kyre, as they quest to uncover the Chaos Sorcerer Lord Redomir and put a halt to the vile corruption of the First City of Order.Warhammer Quest Shadows...
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WARHAMMER Kill Team: Competitive Gaming Collection
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Get stuck in with competitive Kill Team with this bundle – containing nearly everything you need to take part in tournaments (or run your own!). This bundle contains: - The Kill Team Core Manual, containing datasheets for a huge number of Factions, plus the core rules you need to play - The Kill Team Arena competitive gaming expansion – a boxed set with new rules for matched and organised play, game boards, scenery and reference cards - Kill Team Datacards – handy reference cards that let you keep track of your squad members and Tactics in the heat of battle. If you're new to Kill Team and looking for a new competitive gaming experience, this bundle is the perfect place to start.Kill Team miniatures sold separately.
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Carrion Empire
The skaven Clans Skryre and the lurking ghouls of the Flesh-eater Courts do battle amidst the ruins of a cursed civilisation, fighting over arcane secrets like scavengers over a rotting corpse. Carrion Empire is a battlebox that pits the scheming skaven of the Clans Skryre against the delusional monstrosities of the Flesh-eater Courts. Inside, you'll find: – 33 models split across two armies, giving you a variety of units for both the Skaven and Flesh-eater Courts, all costing less than getting the kits separately – Two new Heroes – the commanding Abhorrant Archregent and ingenious Warlock Bombardier, both exclusive to this set. – The 40-page Carrion Empire booklet, which includes lore, battleplans and rules for playing with the set right out of the box. – Warscroll cards and tokens for keeping track of both armies on the tabletop, including range rulers, command point markers and more. Whether you're looking to...
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Start Collecting! Idoneth Deepkin Collection Pre-Order
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If you’re looking to start an Idoneth Deepkin army, we’ve got you covered! This bundle contains both the battletome you’ll need to play your army, plus the money-saving Start Collecting! set, making it a great place to begin your journey. In this bundle, you’ll find:1x Battletome: Idoneth Deepkin – your essential guide to these soul-stealing raiders, with rules, art and lore1x Start Collecting! Idoneth Deepkin, a boxed set containing: 1x Isharann Soulrender – a Hero to lead your army who can restore fallen Namarti to life10x Namarti Thralls – a deadly close-combat unit that carves enemies apart with Lanmari blades, with an optional icon bearer and various aesthetic customisation choices3x Akhelian Guard – assemble yours as unbreakable Ishlaen Guard or lightning-spewing Morrsarr Guard Pre-Order By 3/2/2019
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Skaven Essentials
Unite the skaven clans and conquer the world above with this special starter bundle! Inside, you'll find everything you need to lead the skaven into a new age of battle, with the battletome, Warscroll Cards, Endless Spells and even special skaven-themed dice. This bundle contains: 1x Battletome: Skaven 1x Skaven Warscroll Cards 1x Endless Spells: Skaven 1x Skaven Dice