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Cardfight Vanguard: EB06 - Light of Salvation, Logic of Destruction Booster Box
VGE-V-EB06 [Light of Salvation, Logic of Destruction] Featuring the latest trump cards of Aichi Sendou's 《Royal Paladin》 Units and Takuto Tatsunagi's 《Link Joker》 Units from the "Cardfight!! Vanguard" animation!Also featuring the trump cards of 《Kagero》 and 《Nova Grappler》!All four types of Trigger Units from 《Link Joker》 reissued!A VR or SVR will definitely be included in every display!More details about the various parallel cards will be revealed at a later date!! Product Specifications:1 pack contains 7 random cards1 display contains 12 packs46 types of cards [42 new cards, 4 reissues] (VR: 4 / RRR: 6 / RR: 8 / R: 12 / C: 16) + Various Parallels2 cards in every pack will definitely be R or above cards!!Each box will include a random one-out-of-four unit illust Gift Marker!! Featured Clans: Royal Paladin, Link Joker, Kagero, Nova Grappler Release Date: 06/07/2019
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Ultra Pro mini Tube
The UltraPRO Play Mat and Artwork tube is sized to hold Play Mats, Artwork, Maps or other small collectibles. The thick, black rubber end caps have a snug fit that will stay on tight. The ultra-clear tube will keep your Play Mats safe!.